Terms and Conditions

All the students in the learning institutions want to excel in their studies. They all want to get good grades in class and form a strong base for their future in the career path they are studying. That does not come easy. Students have to be dedicated and hardworking in order to attain great grades. Students find themselves searching for the best and most affordable means to attain those high grades. Today, technology has brought about a very suitable way for students to get assignment help, which is online assignment help for students. Unemployedmasters.com is a good example of such a website. In this paper, we are going to engage you through the terms and conditions of Help Me in Homework for students.

The common terms and conditions

1. The definitions
The terms commonly used are ‘us’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’ or the company’s name refers to the service provider and ‘you’ refers to the visitor, whether it is a student, a parent, a guardian, or whoever is visiting the Help Me in Homework website.

2. Consent
It is presumed that when you seek our services, you voluntarily consent to our services. The possibility of undue influence, duress and other possibilities to show that you were forced to contract with them shall be overruled. It is important that you understand that consent is key and it is only upon you to give the instructions and confirm that we shall work on your assignment.

3. Contract
The fact that you accept a specific company’s services and access them by giving them the assignment to complete for you is evidence of an existing contract that can be legally enforced in the jurisdictions that the website operates. you bind yourself legally for any responsibility that accrues therefrom, including the right to sue and to be sued.

4. Price
The price to be paid to the company shall defer from the type of assignment you want to be handled. However, the price shall always be mutually agreed upon between the service provider and you.

5. Copyright Statement
The intellectual property in the website is copyrighted and is legally owned by the service provider. Please read the policy on their website where the rights are deeply explained. Most companies such as Unemployedmasters.com only allow you to print out the materials or reproduce them for learning purposes and not for commercial use including selling and distributing for gifts or favors. Modification of the web content is prohibited and no one should change any information for their use or for commercial use.

6. Third parties
When they deliver services to you, the work is given to you only for your use and you cannot transfer it to a third party without our consent. The deemed consent must be in writing by our offer authorized to do or by our authorized agent with our express and not implied permission to act in that capacity. Any person who goes against this term will be held liable entirely and we will not be responsible for their failure. The burden of proof will be upon the user of their services to prove as required by the law.

7. Age limit
Mostly, all students above 10 years of age are allowed to use the services. If you are under that age, it is unauthorized for you to seek any services from them. Students below the age limit are not allowed to access the services if they do not have written permission from their parents or legal guardians. If no such permission is expressly granted, the user who is below 10 years shall not at any day and time use, produce, reproduce, download, publish, modify, transmit, distribute or offer for sale any materials on our website, or use any content on it for whatever purpose. Failure to honor this age limit clause shall lead them to terminate any agreement between them and you. A grievous consequence may subject you to a lawsuit and you will be held responsible and meet the legal punishments including payment of damages and the costs of the suit among other remedies available to us in law.

8. Payments
The company expects that all payments due as agreed upon between them and you are made promptly without any failure. If you fail to honor your responsibility, they shall take all the measures possible to get the payments, including a legal suit against you.

9. Time is of essence
Most of the companies shall undertake to complete the assignment or homework assigned to them by you in the stipulated timeline. Time is of the essence and they expect you to cooperate in giving prompt feedback or concerns regarding your assignments if any, in order for them to act in time. Failure on part of you to cooperate shall shift all the responsibility to you and they usually cannot be held liable for breach of contract whatsoever.

10. Extent of responsibility
The Help Me in Homework company shall be responsible to the extent of delivering high-quality assignments to you, which you shall certify as good by you after we deliver. Please note that they shall not be held responsible for the grade you get after your instructor marks the assignment. As long as they deliver an assignment that you are happy with, what comes afterward is entirely upon you and we shall not be responsible in any way. It is, therefore, crucial for you to note that you cannot claim a refund from them because of getting a lesser grade than you expected.

11. Refunds
The company shall not be responsible to give refunds of deposits to you because once the money is put into our bank account. It marks the beginning and acceptance of a contract to get their services. No refunds are made in any circumstances.

12. Breach of contract
If you fail to honor your part of the contract, the company shall be entirely free to end the contract between you and them without any explanations whatsoever to you.

13. Termination of contract
Unless there is a breach or frustration of the contract between the company and you, the contract shall automatically become terminated after the delivery of the assignment to you and you deem it satisfactory and pay the full price for it.

14. Jurisdiction
It is important to know where the company majorly operates, some are available in the USA, UK, and Australia predominantly, but they can be accessed by people from all over the world. International laws in regard to the subject matter usually apply according to the residence of the service seeker.

15. Arbitration
In case of any dispute between you and the company, the first and ultimate way to settle it shall be most likely through arbitration. The arbitrator(s) shall be chosen mutually by you and them and if you two fail to agree on a specific arbitrator, the chairperson of the body responsible for choosing arbitrators in that jurisdiction shall choose one arbitrator to hear and decide on our dispute. The arbitration award shall be final and binding and both parties shall meet the costs of the process. Without prejudice to this clause, the rights of both parties to seek redress from a court of law shall not be prohibited.


To sum it all up, there is a list of the best example of terms and conditions regarding online assignments and homework help. Most of these companies such as Unemployedmasters.com which is a student-friendly website that is highly recommended to offer you the best assignment and homework help services, are well suited and have qualified staff to handle your assignment properly. They are always ready to assist and you can contact them for more information.